Tobacco capsule

As soon as the flowers drop from the fruit bud the capsules grow very rapidly until they have attained full
size--which occurs only in those plants which have been left for seed and remain untopped. When topped they
are not usually full grown--as some growers top the plants when just coming into blossom, while others prefer
to top the plants when in full bloom and others still when the blossoms begin to fall. The fruit is described by
Wheeler "as a capsule of a nearly oval figure. There is a line on each side of it, and it contains two cells, and
opens at the top. The receptacles one of a half-oval figure, punctuated and affixed to the separating body. The
seeds are numerous, kidney-shaped, and rugose."
Most growers of the plant would describe the fruit bud as follows: In form resembling an acorn though more
pointed at the top; in some species, of a dark brown in others of a light brown color, containing two cells filled
with seeds similar in shape to the fruit bud, but not rugose as described by some botanists. Some writers state
that each cell contains about one thousand seeds. The fruit buds of Connecticut, Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio
Tobacco as well as of most of the varieties grown within the limits of the United States are much larger than
those of Havana, Yara, Syrian, and numerous other species of the plant, while the color of these last named
varieties is a lighter shade of brown. The color of the seed also varies according to the varieties of the plant.
The seeds of some species are of a dark brown while others are of a lighter shade. The seeds, however, are so
small that the variety to which they belong cannot be determined except by planting or sowing them.

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