BAT leaves F1

Brazilian Grand Prix will be the last race not only for Schumacher, Cosworth and Michelin. SE Brazil will be the last race for the company and its VAT brands Lucky Strike Cigarettes and 555.

Already in the red circle next season, the last eight years assotsiirovavshiysya with BAR, and then - with Honda, will disappear from the "Great Circus". This decision was made largely in response to rampant ban on tobacco advertising on most routes Championship World. In honor of that sad event during his last Grand Prix race car team logos on Honda will be fitting occasion pretend to be exact - the caption: Last Blast (last exhaled), Bye Bye, Good Bye, Tchau Tchau and Racing Forever…

In Formula-1 Lucky Strike Cigarettes brand first appeared in the late 60 - x. True, at first "tabachniki participated only in the South African F1 Championship, only a few years later, along with Dave Charlton, coming in the World Championship. In 1997 VAT mediated by Craig Pollak bought Tyrrell team, which a year later renamed in British American Racing or BAR. The draft was not very good - scandalous reputation, a few podiums, internal strife, and that's it. Eventually, the VAT last year sold the remaining 55% stake in the company Honda team, and this season has been spent as a sponsor Front, and not the owner.

"We are very proud of the achievements of the team and we wish her every success in the future, but our time in the Formula-1 over. public opinion opposed to Formula-1 sponsirovalas tobacco companies. We have listened to their views and agreed. now and in a very long period of time , we depart from the media. we want to focus on sales through those sources of information that used only adult smokers. "

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