The book in the "cigarette format" threatens to sue

Concern British American Tobacco lawsuit threatens British design group Tank for the publication of the classics of world literature in the cigarette format. " Lawyers accuse BAT designers that witty compositions Hemingway, copies design packaging Lucky Strike Cigarettes.
The law firm Baker & McKenzie, which represents the interests of BAT, said that the "rectangular shape, white background, and the middle range is distinctive elements belonging Lucky Strike Cigarettes." Lawyers argued that the similarity of harming the reputation of BAT and Lucky Strike Cigarettes brand, as buyers may decide that the concern is directly related to the appearance of books with such design.

The idea to publish abbreviated works of Franz Kafka, Leo Tolstoy, Ernest Hemingway and several other classics in the package of cigarette pack emerged from designers Tank last summer. Apart from the external similarity, the content of the books were marked "curtailed" to fit the format of normal size package. Interesting decision and convenient format books (under the name TankBooks) fell in love many of the British. Release of the book was timed to the introduction of a ban on smoking in public places in Britain, they are sold and quickly became a popular Christmas gift for the holidays.

Co-founder and creative director of Tank Masood Golsorhi (Masoud Golsorkhi) said: "I just beat the idea of books with a" cigarette "design for some time. And when we heard about a ban on smoking in public places, I decided that either now or - never. "I thought that the idea of a book the size of the stack, which you can take with you anywhere, will be interesting and new."

"Tobacco" books published in the series "Stories, breathtaking." Total Its six books: Joseph Conrad "Heart of Darkness", Franz Kafka "Making" and "In the correctional colony," Rudyard Kipling "The man who could be king" and "Rikscha ghost" Leo Tolstoy "The Death of Ivan Ilyich" and "Father Sergy," Robert Louis Stevenson "strange story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde", Ernest Hemingway "Snow Kilimanjaro" and "Invincible."

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