Lucky Strike. More than anything

Smoking is aesthetically very nice. The ideal form of Lucky Strike Cigarettes paks, tightly peel smooth tubes clean, fresh smell of polygraph boxes of tobacco and fresh, in fact, cigarettes. Tutu very pleased and conveniently fall in the arm. I like heroes cycle of films, the characters zakurivayuschie advertising posters boltayuschie with each other, or simply reflecting.
But only aesthetically. It is unlikely that all of this has forced me to smoke in small age. Rather lured me to smoke class-Il, to which I would be a little bit similar. But if smokers Iren placed on the poster, it is unlikely that someone would be lit except me…

Lucky Strike Cigarettes advertising - always on the verge of such a task. Social responsibility, morality, laws, death, illness, then their children, but not a lot of benefit. Yes, and smoking itself - such a tragic thing, because sooner or later, every sane smoker wonders "must throw" and "but"?. Overall, advertising can not be said that the consumption of great joy and pleasure remarkable (as opposed, for example, to alcohol).
So, perhaps, this kind of advertising - one of the most conservative: half is devoted to advertising that these cigarettes are better than others, because pure tobacco, ugolnee filter, in the throat of them are not surprising, and you can lose weight. Another - how attractive men and women of all ages smoking in different situations. The more situations in which you can smoke this kind of cigarette brands, the better it is.

However, despite the object of this campaign I think in its own way a very ethical. Because says it is just that I like in all these Lucky Strike Cigarettes pack - they can do anything! And not necessarily for the smoke.

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