Successful hit: 90 years marksmanship

The most senior of the anniversary - the legendary "Lucky Strike Cigarettes" - turned 90 years old. For such a long period of time mark is not changed manufacturer and design. Strictly speaking, the name and history of tobacco brand "Lucky Strike Cigarettes" begins well before the issuance of the same cigarette. 135 1871 year, the brand was established in Richmond, Virginia, company RA Patterson (under the world-renowned name today issued pressed tobacco and tobacco for cigarettes stuffing). In 1905, this company has acquired American Tobacco Company (ATC). Name brand emerged from the public mood of the time. The spirit of American society in line with the end of the XIX century phrase "Lucky Strike Cigarettes", which translates as "the happy hit". Today, that period of time is called rapid enrichment and the great relocations, and its heroes - courageous people, still life left and fearlessly jet in the new world of "excellent". Vezuchih waited for a quick and real success, hardworking - success slow, but reliable, united all their courage to step into the unknown, relying only on yourself and good luck.

Release directly cigarettes "Lucky Strike Cigarettes" began in 1916. In 1917, the brand was accompanied by the slogan "It's Toasted" to tell a new method of production: tobacco obzharivalsya further processing, as opposed to common technology simply cutting and mixing varieties. Especially felicitous idea was toasting tobacco varieties Berley, karamelizatsii reaction that is occurring at high temperature in the leaves of the class, gave a particularly pleasant aroma of coffee and chocolate nuances. Later, marketing and technology tobacco companies realized that the success of the American model "bags" provides exactly tostirovanny Berley, part of the recipe. Cigarettes "Lucky Strike Cigarettes", according to advertising (in this case, honest), had a special taste and aroma. To be fair to acknowledge that in all that time has significant tobacco companies actively experimented with tobacco processing temperature regimes. In the same year, the package was introduced inscription "LSMFT" ( "Lucky Strike means fine tobacco").

"Lucky Strike Cigarettes" became a response to the issued in 1913, the company RJ Reynolds extremely brand "Camel" (in turn launched in response to the success of "Chesterfield" Liggett & Myers). Originally produced in a metal cigarette box, but as sales growth had to abandon it in favor of cartons, with a more cost-effective mass production. The world-famous brand emblem today with the red-and-black circle on a white background was invented later, in 1941, American designer Reymondom Loui. He repeated the figure at the back of the package - now tutu "Lucky Strike Cigarettes" looked equally from both sides. Other brands soon copied this visual finder.

Why not just invented in the ATS to move "Lucky Strike Cigarettes"! At the end of 1920 - x Company Looks to women. In historic first campaign (1927) to bring to a half of cigarettes excellent classic method used by mankind "living evidence" (testimonials), with the participation of popular Hollywood actresses and American singers. Naturally, it was the radio, posters and print advertisements, television until then, it was far. Nevertheless, the effect was overwhelming: in the short term brand ahead, overtaking "Camel" and reached its peak market share in the United States (38%). The development marks "Lucky Strike Cigarettes" always reminded of the evolution of American society: in 1929, mark "Lucky Strike Cigarettes" sponsored parade "Torches of Freedom" ( "freedom" RIA), which marching on Fifth Avenue in New York, women held high raised tutu hands cigarettes "Lucky Strike Cigarettes". Prior to that time of the women were "hidden" consumers "purely male" products. Green tutus that period became fashionable among women color. According to some data, in 1935 the number of starting smoking teenage girls has increased threefold in comparison with the year 1925. In addition to the stars and the "star" of fees from the "Lucky Strike Cigarettes" to thank for this surge in female smoking some kind. Played a role in the rapid take-off "Lucky Strike Cigarettes" and another questionable action ATS. The company conducted a survey of physicians across America (each "correct" the doctor answered the questions received as a gift 5 blocks "Lucky Strike Cigarettes") and documentary evidence collected 20679 from doctors that the "Lucky Strike Cigarettes" - useful to the health of cigarettes, no more and no less . By the way, for those allegations were, and the objective prerequisites. Independent study of 1938 36 species dominant in the market cigarettes showed that the "Lucky Strike Cigarettes" contain relatively little nicotine - 1.4 mg per cigarette (for comparison: "Chesterfield" containing 2.3 mg, "Marlboro" - 2.3 mg, "Camel" - 1.9 mg).

In maintaining the popularity of brands in 1935 ATS sponsored radio "Your Hit Parade" (in 1950 withdrew homonymous TV program). Weekly show significantly fuelled interest in the brand, especially since the compilation of popular hits on the radio called "Lucky Strike Extras". This is a 60 - minute Saturday show used provocative slogan with a game of words: "Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet" ( "Better to be lucky than nice." Or another possible interpretation: "Take a cigarette, not konfetku"). Attempting to beat the usefulness of smoking to combat obesity resulted in protests confectioners - ads removed. However, in the face of the Great Depression began problem of obesity has lost relevance. The success of the hit parade led to the emergence of the programme "Your All-Time Hit Parade", broadcast on NBC in 1943 and sponsored by the same tobacco brand. It took another five years, and in 1948 was created a music program "Your Lucky Strike Cigarettes", or "The Don Ameche Show": 30 - minute radio rapidly become popular. Shares of the market in 1940 marks the American market leaders as follows: "Camel" - 24%, "Lucky Strike Cigarettes" - 23%, "Chesterfield" - 18%.

Among the events experienced brand and change - the Second World War. It was then that "Lucky Strike Cigarettes" first became known in Russia - these cigarettes smoked our allies, American soldiers. In 1942, the color on the package (dark green) to replace white. The company explained that the fact that necessary for the manufacture of green paint copper and chromium needs more military: "Lucky Strike Green has gone to war" ( "Green" Lucky Strike Cigarettes "went to war") - read the inscription on the promotional poster. After the return of American soldiers from the war was to be white tutu symbolize the new, peaceful time. There is another explanation restaylingu brand: many said that by using white packaging ATS reduced the production costs and further increased the interest of female audiences.

In early 1960 - ies in the brand sponsored telepostanovkah run advertising, also makes emphasis on women. In mid-1960 - x cigarettes have become available to the filter innovation accompanied by the slogan that only the "Lucky Strike Cigarettes" after equipping filter is not lost her unique taste.

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